aadmi aadmi se milta hai

aadmi aadmi se milta hai
dil magar kam kisi se milta hai
people meet each other, fairly frequently
but, meeting of hearts, seldom does one see
bhul jata hun main sitam us ke
wo kuchh is sadgi se milta hai
i manage to forget - all her acts of cruelty
when she comes to meet me, with such humility
aaj kya baat hai ki phulon ka
rang teri hansi se milta hai
what is that today- what can the reason be?
the flower's hue resembles, your smile so faithfully
silsila fitna-e-qayamat ka
teri khush-qamati se milta hai
mil ke bhi jo kabhi nahin milta
tut kar dil usi se milta hai
she who is mine and yet never mine will be
with only her this broken heart vests enternally
karobar-e-jahan sanwarte hain
hosh jab be-khudi se milta hai
the rigours of this world, will find facility
when consciousness and stupor, are in unity
ruh ko bhi maza mohabbat ka
dil ki ham-saegi se milta hai
to cherish love's rapture, the soul's ability
exists as the heart resides in such proximity