ghar hamara jo na rote bhi to viran hota

ghar hamara jo na rote bhi to viran hota
bahr gar bahr na hota to bayaban hota
had i not wept, this my abode, would have been desolate
if sea were not a sea would be a desert incarnate
tangi-e-dil ka gila kya ye wo kafir-dil hai
ki agar tang na hota to pareshan hota
of heart's constriction why complain, this faithless heart surely
if would not be constricted then, would agitated be
baad yak-umr-e-wara bar to deta bare
kash rizwan hi dar-e-yar ka darban hota
after a life of abstinence, he wouldn't make me wait
if only heaven's doorman was, the sentry at your gate
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