Dil Hi To Hai Na Sang-o-Khisht

Dil Hi To Hai Na Sang-o-Khisht, Dard Se Bhar Na Aaye Kyon

Royenge Hum Hazar Baar Koi Humein Sataye Kyon

Daer Nahi, Haram Nahi, Dar Nahi, Aastaan Nahi

Baithe Hain Rehguzar Pe Hum Gair Humein Uthaye Kyon!


It is only a heart, not stone or mortar, why should it not fill with pain,

We will wail a thousand times, why should anyone torment us.

It is not a temple, mosque, a dearly beloved's door, nor a patron's entryway,

We are wayfarers, why should anyone evict us!
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