faqirana aae sada kar chale

faqirana aae sada kar chale
ki myan khush raho hum dua kar chale

i came chanting as a mendicant
and bestowed a blessing, be content

jo tujh bin na jine ko kahte the hum
so is ahd ko ab wafa kar chale

i will not live without you, i did say
lo, now i fulfill that vow today

shifa apni taqdir hi mein na thi
ki maqdur tak to dawa kar chale

no cure was there in my fate's intent
even gifted healers tried and went

pade aise asbab payan-e-kar
ki na-chaar yun ji jala kar chale

in the end such tasks did there present
helpless and heartbroken that i went

wo kya chiz hai aah jis ke liye
har ek chiz se dil utha kar chale

pray, what object was it, for whose sake?
everything my heart chose to forsake

koi na-umidana karte nigah
so tum hum se munh bhi chhupa kar chale

lest i might cast a despairing glance
you passed by me looking askance

bahut aarzu thi gali ki teri
so yan se lahu mein naha kar chale

in your lane oh! how i wished to stay
so there, bathed in blood, i made my way

dikhai diye yun ki be-khud kiya
hamein aap se bhi juda kar chale

self-forgetful your sight made me be
from my very self you parted me

jabin sajda karte hi karte gai
haq-e-bandagi hum ada kar chale

head bowed, constantly, without a fuss
call of love's worship was answered thus

parastish ki yan tak ki ai but tujhe
nazar mein sabhon ki khuda kar chale

i worshipped you, idol, to such degree
that you, as god, would every person see

jhade phul jis rang gulbun se yun
chaman mein jahan ke hum aa kar chale

flowers strewn in every shape and hue
in life's garden as i did pass through

na dekha gham-e-dostan shukr hai
hamin dagh apna dikha kar chale

i never saw the pain of friends, thanks be!
displayed my scars, passed on quietly

gai umr dar-band-e-fikr-e-ghazal
so is fan ko aisa bada kar chale

life i spent in thoughts of poetry
and raised this art to such degree

kahen kya jo puchhe koi hum se 'mir'
jahan mein tum aae the kya kar chale

what did you do miir in your earthly stay?
if i were asked, what can i ever say?

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