A special world for you and me A s

A special world for you and me
a s
Pecial bond one cannot see
it wraps us up in its cocoon
and holds us fiercely in its womb.
and though at times a thread may break
a new one forms in its wake
to bind us closer and keep us strong
in a special world, where we belong.

You Heal My Wounds Every Time Am Hurt

You heal my wounds
every time am hurt,
you help me heal.
i wish to tell you now
of how, my core feels.

a hope, a faith,
you are all i crave.
you are calm and clear
soft and tender, yet brave.

i see, live, and taste dreams
with you around.
when my soul is not with yours
i feel, am going down.
may we always stay in love.

The moment that I first saw you Something in my heart just knew

The moment that i first saw you
something in my heart just knew.
i was lost and that you could save me
from all the uncertainty that was surrounding me.
and when you first took my hand
i knew that this was the start of something new.
now that we have been together for some time, i know
that i am yours forever more.
you fill my heart with love's madness,
you banish away all my sadness.
just love me now and be mine forever.

I love you more than words can ever say For you are mine in each and

I love you more than words can ever say
for you are mine in each and every way.
the joy that you have brought into my life
makes me feel complete.
there have been times when i have wondered if it is real
for you can make time stop when you are near.
i never knew that things could ever be like this
and my heart is always in a state of bliss.
the moment you told me that you love me too
i felt my heart beat with life anew.
and now that you are mine, i know
that this feeling of love can never away go.

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