You changed my world with a blink of an eye That is something that I can

You changed my world with a blink of an eye
that is something that i can not deny
you put my soul from worst to best
that is why i treasure you my dearest marites

you just don’t know what you have done for me
you even pushed me to the best that i can be
you really are an angel sent from above
to take care of me and shower with love

when i’m with you i will not cry even a single a tear
and your touch have chased away all of my fear
you have given me a life that i could live worthwhile
it is even better everytime you smile

it so magical those things you’ve made
to bring back my faith that almost fade
now my life is a dream come true
it all began when i was loved by you

now i have found what i am looking for
it’s you and your love and nothing more
co’z you have given me this feeling of contentment
in my life something i’ve never felt

i wish i could talk ’til the end of day
but now i’m running out of things to say
so i’ll end by the line you already know
“i love you” more than what i could show.

You are the best thing that came into my life

You are the best thing that came into my life.
just when the blues of the gloomy weather were getting to me,
you walked in and set me free.
i love you for who you are to me and that matters most.
i never could in my dreams imagine that it could ever be true
that i would find someone as special as you!
you have given me everything that a heart could desire,
you love has now set my soul on fire,
and with your love by my side i can achieve anything for which i aspire.

Life Moves Way Too Fast You're the reason I get up to face each hectic day How

Life moves way too fast
you're the reason i get up to face each hectic day
how did our lives get so consumed with nonsense on the way
we used to take the time to laugh and play a game or two
but now it seems we fight a lot and cry way too much too
so when you go to sleep at night i'll slip in by your side
i'll hold you close and squeeze you tight and feel amazing pride
you're the one that i love best, it's very clear to see
with every day i know i'm blessed that you're a part of me
now let's just try to slow it down and savor all that's past
for that's what molds our future, and life moves way too fast

dil ki baat labon par lakar ab

Dil Ki Baat Labon Par Lakar Ab Tak Hum Dukh Sahate Hain

Hum Ne Suna Tha Is Basti Men Dil Wale Bhi Rahte Hain

Beet Gaya Savan Ka Mahina Mausam Ne Nazren Badlin

Lekin In Pyasi Aakhon Se Ab Tak Aasu Bahate Hain

sach kahte hain log

Sach Kahte Hain Log Ish Par Jor Nahin

Jhuke Jamane Ke Aage Ishk Kamjor Nahin

Yu To Baste Hain Hasin Lakhon Is Jamin Par

Magar Iss Jahaan Men Tumse Badhkar Aur Nahin

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