Remember then

Remember then,
dreaming of when

our childhood fears
would be gone with the years.

now we look at the past
wondering why it didn't last.

days in the hot sun
always having fun.

going for a ride
letting the bike glide.

biking, sledding,
swimming, swinging,

days of old
never to be sold.

signs of change
widely range.

moving away
no more play.

friends forever
talk almost never.

through the years,
our lives shift gears.

laughter, smiles,
fears, miles,

distant souls
drifting goals.

friendship the art
connects our hearts.

now that it is when
we dream of then.

She was walking on the road alone while going back her home

She was walking on the road alone while going back her home. her eyes sparkled whenever she saw students of her age having fun in shops and driving a car.

her negative mind felt jealous of them and said
" how lucky they are !! "

positive mind replied " huh, they are having fun on their parents' money. one day i'll have on my own "

she smiled and inspired to achieve her dreams. her eyes twinkled which were full of ambitions and dreams

I knew someday it would have to end I knew eventually I would have to go

I knew someday it would have to end
i knew eventually i would have to go back to calling you friend.
it's killing me knowing that now that day has come,
if it's for the best then where is this pain from?
i know deep inside that this is what i had to do
(u left me and i have to accept the fact)
but it's breaking my heart to walk away from you
i'm trying my best to appear strong
but it's hard when part of me says
that in your arms is where i belong.
i still love you with all my heart
that's not going to change even though we're apart
you were my soul love
we could have been so good together
i thought this love would last forever,

we laughed, we cried, we played
i wished this time could have always stayed,

the fun we had, the stories we shared
i thought that you would have always cared,

i fought, i cried, to keep us alive
to keep you from wanting to run and hide,

alas, our love was not meant to be
because all i have now are my thoughts and me,

you made it clear, it's not me you want
a cowboy trucker would be your haunt,

so goodbye my love, goodbye my soul
my heart is now just as black as coal,

so i let you go, i say goodbye
i say i love you with a tear in my eye,

i hope that someday you will wake up and see
there is nothing better than you and me,

until that time, i will always be near
not as ur love
but to comfort u to the best i can.

at this point, i've done all i can do
to win your heart so that you love me too.
the story of love can be quicker than the blink of an eye
but our story of love won't be over until the day that we die
until we meet again!
i still cares u
n i still miss u
but we can't be together anymore
coz i knw that my heart hav broken into thousand pieces
n now am searching for every pieces n fixing it
4 sum1 who can understand my pain.

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