ai jazba-e-dil gar main chahun har chiz muqabil aa jae

ai jazba-e-dil gar main chahun har chiz muqabil aa jae
manzil ke liye do gam chalun aur samne manzil aa jae

mine heart's resolve if i so wish, all will be so nigh and clear
i take two steps toward my goal, and straight ahead it would appear

ai dil ki lagi chal yunhi sahi chalta to hun un ki mahfil mein
us waqt mujhe chaunka dena jab rang pe mahfil aa jae

o heartache, come,i do agree, to go and join her company
there rouse me from my reverie, when it befits the atmosphere

ai rahbar-e-kaamil chalne ko tayyar to hun par yaad rahe
us waqt mujhe bhatka dena jab samne manzil aa jae

i'm set to venture forth mine guide, but by this you must abide
from the path turn me aside, when the journey's end is near

han yaad mujhe tum kar lena aawaz mujhe tum de lena
is rah-e-mohabbat mein koi darpesh jo mushkil aa jae

yes, you may think of me and be, at liberty, call out for me
if in these paths of love you see anything that makes you fear

ab kyun dhundun wo chashm-e-karam hone de sitam baala-e-sitam
main chahta hun ai jazba-e-gham mushkil pas-e-mushkil aa jae

why should i seek her kindness say, let her tortures pile away
o grief for what i now do pray, is troubles even more severe

is jazba-e-dil ke bare mein ek mashwara tum se leta hun
us waqt mujhe kya lazim hai jab tujh pe mera dil aa jae

this counsel i do seek from you, about my inner feelings true
what is it that i should do, when i am smitten by you dear

ai barq-e-tajalli kaundh zara kya mujh ko bhi musa samjha hai
main tur nahin jo jal jaun jo chahe muqabil aa jae

o brilliant lightning tell me do you think me to be moses too
no matter what it may come to, i am not tuur to burn or sear

kashti ko khuda par chhod bhi de kashti ka khuda khud hafiz hai
mushkil to nahin in maujon mein bahta hua sahil aa jae

do leave the vessel to the lord, as of the vessel he's the guard
for in these waves it is not hard, that floating the shore may appear

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