husn-e-mah garche ba-hangam-e-kamal achchha hai

husn-e-mah garche ba-hangam-e-kamal achchha hai
us se mera mah-e-khurshid-jamal achchha hai

resplendent though the radiance of the full moon may well be
the brilliance of my sun faced beauty's better surely

bosa dete nahin aur dil pe hai har lahza nigah
ji mein kahte hain ki muft aae to mal achchha hai

not willing to give me a kiss, my heart eyes constantly
and in her heart she says this merchandise is good if free

aur bazar se le aae agar tut gaya
saghar-e-jam se mera jam-e-sifal achchha hai

were it to break, another one, can from the market get
this earthen cup of mine is better than jamshed's goblet

be-talab den to maza us mein siwa milta hai
wo gada jis ko na ho khu-e-sawal achchha hai

if were obtained without the need to ask, the pleasure's great
the mendicant is good who is not used to supplicate

un ke dekhe se jo aa jati hai munh par raunaq
wo samajhte hain ki bimar ka haal achchha hai

on seeing her when one's face is then infused with such a glow
she starts to think the one who ails for her is better now

dekhiye pate hain ushshaq buton se kya faiz
ek barahman ne kaha hai ki ye sal achchha hai

it's to be seen what favours, lovers, from idols obtain
beacause a brahmin has forecast, this is a year of gain

ham-sukhan tesha ne farhad ko shirin se kiya
jis tarah ka ki kisi mein ho kamal achchha hai

his skill with pickaxe made farhad with shirii.n to conjoin
whatever may ones talent be, it is a useful coin

qatra dariya mein jo mil jae to dariya ho jae
kaam achchha hai wo jis ka ki maal achchha hai

when with the sea a drop does merge, itself the sea is thence
an action can be deemed as good, if good it's consequence

khizr-sultan ko rakhe khaliq-e-akbar sarsabz
shah ke bagh mein ye taza nihaal achchha hai

that khizr sultan may ever bloom, let god the great divine
as in the garden of the king, this sapling is so fine

hum ko malum hai jannat ki haqiqat lekin
dil ke khush rakhne ko 'ghaalib' ye khayal achchha hai

the real truth 'bout paradise although we surely know
for to give comfort to this heart the thought is good somehow

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