tumhaari anjuman se uTh ke diwane kahan jate

tumhaari anjuman se uth ke diwane kahan jate
jo wabasta hue tum se wo afsane kahan jate

departing from your company, where could your lovers go?
what would happen to those legends that around you grow?

nikal kar dair-o-kaba se agar milta na mai-khana
to thukrae hue insan khuda jaane kahan jate

if on leaving temple,mosque no tavern were be found
what refuge would outcasts find? this only god would know

tumhaari be-rukhi ne laj rakh li baada-khane ki
tum aankhon se pila dete to paimane kahan jate

your indifference has managed to preserve the tavern's name
had we feasted from your eyes, what then would wine bestow?

chalo achchha hua kaam aa gai diwangi apni
wagarna hum zamane bhar ko samjhane kahan jate

twas a good thing that my madness was to some avail
else, for my state, what other reason could the world i show?

'qatil' apna muqaddar gham se begana agar hota
to phir apne parae hum se pahchane kahan jate

had pain and misery been strangers to my life somehow
how would then i know the difference between friend and foe

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