koi din gar zindagani aur hai

koi din gar zindagani aur hai
apne ji mein hum ne thani aur hai
if, for a few days, longer life would be
i am resolved to live it differently
aatish-e-dozakh mein ye garmi kahan
soz-e-gham-ha-e-nihani aur hai
where can this heat be found in flames of hell
the heat of hidden sorrow's nonpareil
bar-ha dekhi hain un ki ranjishen
par kuchh ab ke sargirani aur hai
her anger oftentimes though i have seen
but this time round it is another scene
de ke khat munh dekhta hai nama-bar
kuchh to paigham-e-zabani aur hai
the letter hands,yet stares the messenger
some verbal message surely there's from her
qata-e-emar hai aksar nujum
wo bala-e-asmani aur hai
to shorten lives the stars often conspire
her deadly form is something else entire
ho chukin 'ghaalib' balaen sab tamam
ek marg-e-na-gahani aur hai
now all calamities have come to pass
all that remains is sudden death alas
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