yaro mujhe muaf rakho main nashe mein hun

yaro mujhe muaf rakho main nashe mein hun
ab do to jam khali hi do main nashe mein hun

pardon me my friends- i am in a drunken stupor
give me just an empty cup, now if you serve me more

ek ek qurt daur mein yun hi mujhe bhi do
jam-e-sharab pur na karo main nashe mein hun

just a drop or two in every round you should now pour
fill not my goblet to the brim, i should drink no more

masti se darhami hai meri guftugu ke bich
jo chaho tum bhi mujh ko kaho main nashe mein hun

drunkenness makes my speech incoherent today
as i'm not in my senses, say what you wish to say

ya hathon hath lo mujhe manind-e-jam-e-mai
ya thodi dur sath chalo main nashe mein hun

either hold me by your hand as like a glass you would
or else walk with me a while lest stumble, fall i should

mazur hun jo panw mera be-tarah pade
tum sargiran to mujh se na ho main nashe mein hun

i am helpless that my feet don't tread in a proper way
do not be annoyed with me i've had too much today

bhagi namaz-e-juma to jati nahin hai kuchh
chalta hun main bhi tuk to raho main nashe mein hun

friday prayers won't run away, they can surely wait
i shall come, hold on a while, i'm in a drunken state

nazuk-mizaj aap qayamat hain 'mir' ji
jun shisha mere munh na lago main nashe mein hun

miirji the frailty of your temperament is truly such
brush not my lips like a cup for i've drunk too much

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